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Originally Posted by maraf View Post
Hi. I am new to this forum and also new with a Glock but not with guns. Could someone advise me what is the best position of the trigger (pulled after dryfire or not) so it doesn't wear out any part or spring if I was to store this. I am asking this cause I noticed the striker seem to be pre-tensioned after I rack the slide unless you dry fire it. Thanks

Maraf, it does not hurt your Glock, its parts or springs in any way to store it with the trigger forward.

With the trigger reset, the firing pin spring is only partially compressed. It is not fully compressed until you pull the trigger.

Having said that, for the sake of safety and knowing the condition of my Glocks, I dryfire unloaded Glocks before storing them.

There is usually a thread on that topic in General Glocking, as this comes up pretty often.

To learn more you might try a google search:

glock firing pin spring compressed

I think you'll find some interesting reading.

Welcome to Glock Talk!


p.s. Sorry this went unanswered for a month. This used to be at the top of the General Glocking forum, but was moved in a redesign of the website.

It's usually best to ask the questions over in the General Glocking forum:
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