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Finally got my first snub! (Some questions inside)

I have been wanting one for a long time so I finally came up with a good reason to buy one. I ankle carry my g26 but when I am wearing shorts I pocket or iwb and its just alittle to big. So I decided I need the snub (I went with the 637, I like the hammer) for carrying when I am wearing shorts. Well after some range time with it I have been carrying it non stop, even when I am wearing jeans lol. I was amazed with the level of accuracy I have with it. i have always heard these are a for close range only. But I have no problem hitting at 15-20 yards ( I saw a vid on youtube of this guy hitting 80 yards with his!). But I have a few questions, I bought mine used from a guy, he said he shot 15 rds through it and it looks like it. It has a lock on it and I always see them advertised with no lock, so is there a down side to mine having the lock? I cant fid anything wrong with it. Also I am wanting a to get a couple speed loaders, any suggestions? And lastly I got some hornady critical defense for my carry rounds and for target I picked some semi jacketed hollow points for dirt cheap. Any reason i shouldnt be shooting lead out of it? Sorry for the long post fellas. Thanks for any input
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