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Originally Posted by JERRYB View Post
'Just curious: When you buy ammo at WM, (or anywhere else for that matter) what kind of ID are you required to show?
Here in New Jersey, WM does not sell ammo and in order to buy ammo from a gun shop, we are required to show our NJ Firearms Purchaser IDENTIFICATION CARD. For some reason, the dealer is required to enter your ammo purchase into a database. ... I think that the primary reason is to discourage law abiding citizens from buying ammo by making it intrusive.
In good old Missouri no special ID necessary as long as you are over 21 for handgun ammo. A friend of mine just spent over $1,200 at a local Walmart and he did not clean out the shelves. He bought mostly 45, 38, and 223. He also was planning on sharing it with some fellow shooters so please don't accuse him of driving up prices. The salesclerk had to help him load it all in carts and did not even bat an eye. Personally I don't buy ammo at the local Wal-marts because they never seem to have what I want. This was true back in the good old days (last year). as well as now.
I do live about five minutes from Midway USA and check their site frequently. I have been able to stay well supplied using the internet and a few local sources during the last year.
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