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Interesting that you mention Midway USA. A few days ago, their web site offered Federal America Eagle 9mm at a decent price. When I attempted to buy 1,000 rounds, the first thing that happened was a message, limiting quantity to 4 boxes (200 rounds). OK I thought, what the Hell, I'll accumulate another 200 rounds and keep on looking elsewhere for more. When I tried repeatedly to check-out, it kept rejecting my order.

I sent them an Email, asking why they spend money advertising on "Guns 'n' Ammo TV", in Hand Guns magazine, American Rifleman, etc. if they don't want to sell me any ammo. ... To their credit, they actually responded. In essence they said that New Jersey is a "restricted" state, and before they can sell me any ammo, I must mail or Fax them a copy of my NJ Firearms Purchase Identification Card, which I did. ... However, by the time they answered and said they would keep my ID Card on file and that I could now complete my order for 200 rounds, I had already purchased 2,000 rounds at a different web site, so I didn't bother to complete the transaction with Midway USA. ... I have previously bought thousands of rounds on line from a variety of different dealers. Not one of them asked me for any NJ ID. ... Interesting story, yes?

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