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AK magazine identification guide.

Have you guys tried getting help to identify the magazine that came with your AK?

This is one subject that comes up and has always fascinated me. And just when I think I have it down pat, someone comes along and shows me a variation I was not aware of, or corrects my information.

Anyway, I am going to take a stab at it to help all of us. Most of these are from my personal collection. If you guys have anything to add or any corrections, please share.

Alright, enough gab. Let's get to business...

Here are 30-round AK magazines from nine different countries. While all look the same, there are differences is the original finish, the stamps along the ribs, construction, followers, bottom retainers, welds, the number of ribs, types of ribs, and the depression lines and how they terminate that help identify the origin. Even within the same country, there will be differences, such as the Russians using factory logos for Ishevsk or Tula or "M" for Molot. Magazines also vary depending on whether they were originally designed for the AK-47 or AKM in the same country.

These are my accepted examples (always subject to change), but there are those that know far more than I do and may be able to point out other things or mistakes. My collection is definitely not all-inclusive. Be sure to click on the individual pictures to see them larger.

The Kalashnikov Klub

Here is a Bulgarian that I unwrapped brand new. Notice the termination of the depression right below where I penciled "BUL". It cuts up at 45 degrees before ending.
The Kalashnikov Klub

Here is a Chinese flat back. Note two ribs on the bottom. Compare these ribs to those of the Yugo mag.
The Kalashnikov Klub
And the telltale give-away.
The Kalashnikov Klub

Egyptian, brand new from Copes Distributing. I have also seen older Egyptian mags stamped "Made In Egypt" too.
The Kalashnikov Klub
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