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Extremely iinformative and useful post that requires a sticky. Thanks, Carlos!

Please let me add that Hungarian magazines normally have the "02" stamp, which was the country's Warsaw Pact designation number. You'll even find this stamped on almost every part of older M44 Mosin's from Hungary. Some mags also come with a "D" or "M" stamp as well. About half of my 20 round magazines from Hungary lack the "02", but have either a "D" or "M". "Man in the Moon" stamps can be found on some of these as well, but like the "02", this is not consistent.

What has stumped me most often has been distinguishing Romanian from Polish mags. Both have the 90 degree turn (as you indicated), yet often do not have the "11" (Polish) or "0" (Romanian) stamps. Have you been able to identify any other unique traits that can help differentiate these mags?

Thanks again, Carlos. You work is amazing, and much appreciated.


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