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If this is a real story, I am very glad that it came out the way it did.

But I have to wonder about some things. Spectacular and heroic gun fight, and no news coverage posted over 24 hours later. Started at 2:58 AM - rather precise memory, not "about 3:00 AM." The exact position of two cars relative to the house and each other are correctly discerned by their headlights coming through windows, presumably with the drapes closed since OP is still in the shower. Lots of amazing detail, then the police wrap up the investigation before dawn, without even taking the victim/hero to the station. The BGs change clothes before going to the hospital, but are still together, and the police know pretty much everything about motive and such. And by evening, our guy has been released from medical care and moved out of a house that one would suspect is, as the site of a fatal shooting, being minutely examined and processed for evidence.

If this is a real story, I am very glad that it came out the way it did. I would advise OP to have a lawyer, and for all readers to never, never, never talk about a shooting to anyone without legal advice, let alone post their account on the internet for everyone - police, prosecutors, those who may be bent on revenge - to read.

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