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Originally Posted by poodleplumber View Post
Thank you for pointing that out - I had not picked up on that. I would edit my post, but it would make it confusing to read your response later, so I will let my gaff remain obvious and offer an apology for misreading that.

Hopefully OP engaged an attorney; if so, that would have been a wonderful thing to have included in his discussion of his case, and something even to emphasize as a teaching point. Criminal and civil liability can be an issue for years, so talking in such detail even a few months later would seem to be legally unwise.

My best wishes go to you and OP, in any event.

No problem boss!

Also, he may live in a state where he is protected from civil action if his actions were found to be in self defense.

To add, I do not know of ANY STATE, where successful civil action has been brought against the lawful owner of the dwelling, where aggressors used, or attempted to use deadly force in the commission of a felony.

If you have ever seen this, I would be interested to see such a reference....not a challenge of any sort, I am genuinely curious to see where/if this has ever transpired.

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