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Originally Posted by NYC Drew View Post
If you read this as most of us did, you would connect the dots and realize he is saying this happened since the LAST TIME he posted on GT - which was back in May, and he has moved since.

I don't know the guy from adam. What would his motivation be for posting a big fat lie on the web, after not posting since May 25th?

Maybe they build houses differently in Jamaica, but all the ones I have been in here in the US ( and I have been in a lot) you can't see out the front of your house and down the street while in the shower. And from his description sounds like his house os of the standard pattern, (bathroom in the hallway)

I remove it off safety and crack the door open and shut the light off.
The nearest phone to me is on my desk down the hall and out in the open area where these bodies are.
And since they parked on the street parallel to the house, the headlights would not have been shining on the house.

The cops arrive at the scene of a shootout and find him next to a mini mac 11 and don't cuff him? ( cuffing everyone until who is who is sorted out is pretty standard procedure.)

Then he claims he sits in the back of a squad car for over two hours ( at least, since by his own claim the incident began at or around 2:58 and it is dawn when he gets out of the back of the patrol car.) at the scene before being let out of the back of the car and walked over to an ambulance that apparently has been sitting on scene for over two hours?
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