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Back from the range.

First report
Trigger is around 6lbs, gunsmith will tune that down just a bit
Sights are shooting about 2" right at 10-15yds, gunsmith will tune that too.
Gun shot perfectly, ate cheap Monarch hardball
Grip swap will help a little, but nothing critical.
Best gun for the money I've ever bought.

First eight rounds out of the gun, standing, 30 feet, about 2" right
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Second two mag's, 16 rounds, 30 feet, learning to compensate for the sight
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After 50 rounds down the pipe, here's 8 rounds at 30 feet, standing
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Dropped it off with my gunsmith who'll correct the sights, tune the trigger a bit, and give it a general once-over internally.

I see a Colt in my future.
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