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Originally Posted by MakeMineA10mm View Post
If you mean here at GT, yes, it's called "the 10 Ring" and it's just two forums above this one on the list of forums here at GT.

If you're talking about another website, I'm not sure. The only other 10mm website I look at regularly is the Bren Ten forum.
Got it, and thanks! I guess I missed the 10 Ring. The Firing Line Forum has stuff for 10mm shooters/reloaders too. I'm finally getting set up -- bench is built, 4 lbs of powder (No. 9, 800X, HS6, etc.), primers and cases are ready. All I'm missing is the press, which some suggest might be helpful. That should be here in 2-3 weeks. It'll be a 550. Thanks again. See you over at the 10 Ring.

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