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I've been buying handguns in Maryland for many, many years.

Yes, the law states 7 days for a waiting period.
I've had to wait longer. . . twice.
The first wait was when I won my G21 at a GSSF Match. (1994.)
The dealer said that MSP (Maryland State Police) was 'holding - for further investigation'.
O.K. I called Pikesville, where the registration/background check is done.
I inquired as to WHY it was taking longer than 7 days.
I was told, "they needed to investigate further."

"Baloney! Investigate WHAT? I am (was) an instructor for the state, certified through MSP (and gave him my ID number). WHAT further investigation???"

I was told that this 'need to investigate further' is a catch-all, for when they need more time.

I argued the point that the law states that they have 7 days, and that IF the paperwork goes 30 days, then, the dealer can give me the firearm, and, IF the delay goes 45 days (without a 'denial'), then the dealer must give me the firearm.
(Many won't give up the firearm without 'approval'. They are afraid of MSP.)

I was then told that my paperwork has been 'approved' (actual terminology is "Not Disapproved").
By the time I drove back to the dealer, the paperwork had been faxed back to him.

The second time was when I purchased (auction) a mdl 60 Ladysmith at a Friends of the NRA Banquet. (1997.)
MSP held up the paperwork for 43 days. The dealer gave me the revolver on the 45th day. (The paperwork came in the next day.)

The ultimate bottom line. . . . .
MSP is historically NOT firearm friendly to civilians.
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