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Blue Moon Sports Grill, Duke's Sports Bar & Grill, and Chipotle are posted.

Here's someone who has the right idea:
Janie Riddle, co-owner of the local chain Valle Luna, decided not to post any signs banning firearms, saying that it would be "business as usual" at the family's three Mexican restaurants.

"We've never had a problem in 26-plus years," said Riddle, whose husband, grown children and various relatives also work at Valle Luna.

"We basically talked about it as a family and as a business and just decided it was in the best interest to not prohibit law-abiding citizens from exercising their rights under the Second Amendment."

Riddle also said they felt the presence of those carrying guns legally could deter trouble from those carrying guns illegally. "I think it would get them to think twice, big time," she said.
Never tried them, but I'll throw them some business based solely on this.

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