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Originally Posted by RLDS45S View Post
Careful with copy cat reloading.....loads worked up in WW or Lapua cases fired Federal brass is NOT A GOOD IDEA!

Do the work yourself!
Brass WW or Lapua
Powder and potential primer combos....
Varget with BR2
RL15 with Fed210M/BR2
IMR 4064 or 4895 with WLR
N150 or 540 with BR2

Pure accuacy look at Nosler or Sierrra OTM in 175gr.
++above, I prefer 168 gr Sierra match bthp bullets with Varget. I can cover a 300yd group with a quarter for 5 shots. Building up yourself assures safety. I have several 308 rifles, one does not like the load.
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