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Originally Posted by burnsoft View Post
For hunting I use:
Case :Lapua .308 Win ( 7.62x51) New
Bullet: Lapua Silver Scenar Bullets 308 155G JHP-BTM
Powder: IMR3031 @ 43gr.
Primer: Winchester WRL


Case: Win .308 Case (NEW)
Primer: CCI 200
Bullet: Barnes Triple Shock XP 30 Cal XSTBT
Powder: IMR3031 @ 42gr.

Case : Used Once .308 Win, Fed., Rem, FHN
Bullet: Berry's MFG 30 Cal 150 GR FMJBT
Primer: CCI 200
Powder: IM3031 @ 43gr.
Do you only use that? Or is it just examples from your load data? Or once you use the lapua brass once you throw it away? I dont see it listed in your once fired rounds for practice and you only use NEW brass for hunting? The Barnes and Berry's likes CCI but Lapua prefers WLR?
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