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Originally Posted by GlockJD View Post
Do you only use that? Or is it just examples from your load data? Or once you use the lapua brass once you throw it away? I dont see it listed in your once fired rounds for practice and you only use NEW brass for hunting? The Barnes and Berry's likes CCI but Lapua prefers WLR?
Throw away Lapua Brass...that's Sacrilege!
No I keep it, Since they are hunting loads, I only shoot about 3 every so often to make sure the rifle is still sighted in for that round. I have about 20 used once lapua brass, that's waiting to be loaded for some practice hunting loads. I bought a box of a 100 some time ago, and since these cases are anealed, they last longer then regular cases.

I acutally have about 10 personal configurations for the .308, the listed are the preffered rounds that shoot great for my .308.
Some of those personal configurations are also the same, but the brass is marked for the number of times that has been used.

The Barnes and Berry's started out when all I had was CCI primers and that is what they were tested as. The Lapua was started when I had Winchester Primers for the first batch as well. I've tested out the Berry's with Winchester and they shot just as well. I only use the new Lapua for hunting at this time is only because I just use this brass only for this configuration. I have plenty of other new and used brass that I use for the other rounds that I make.

So must of the data I gave you was more of a suggestion that you can use that I have found to shoot well for my .308 and that has not caused any damage to myself or my rifle.

A good book to use to look up a majority of the bullets and powder is the "The Complete Reloading Manual for the .308 Winchester", which you can order of midwayusa. If you had the "My Loaders Log" Application, I would be able to send you the xml files that I have for the .308. Or I can zip them up for you and you can look at them through your browser if you want.

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