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Originally Posted by GlockJD View Post
Well I was going to say I would take that nasty ol' once fired Lapua off your hands if you didn't have a use for it

That "My Loaders Log" Looks pretty slick, you made it?
hee hee..I was going to ask you the same thing , if they didn't cost so much I would have all my rounds in Lapua Brass.

Yep that is one of the apps that I have designed. I use it for all my personal configurations and even transfered some of the configurations from books to it so I can have one place to look it all up.

I once had a thread on this forum for a discount for the My Gun Collection application that had a discount key for the entire site that took off 5 bucks from the price of each product, but it looks like they took it down. If you are interested the discount code is


Either way, if you want the XML files, I can send you those as well. I attached a sample of the XML file and the PDF Print out for another config. The XML is pretty easy to read.
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