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My M-1 Carbine

Greetings. I picked up my carbine a couple of weeks ago at the C&E Gun Show in Hickory, NC. It is stamped Inland on both the receiver and the barrel along with a date of 1-44. The serial # prefix is 493. The stock is from an M-2.

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The below picture shows the result of my first trip to the range with my carbine. As you can see I ran 5 strings of ten through it. The max distance at the indoor range is 25 yds which is what I took the target out to. I obviously have work to do but I guess it's not bad for a first time shooting an M-1 carbine. I did have 3 or 4 FTF (each time it was either the last or next to last round)and I'm pretty sure it was due to a weak magazine spring. I plan on getting a couple of new magazines soon so I hope that the issue will be corrected.

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