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The "bac1023 made me buy this" picture thread

just curious what everyone has bought after seeing/talking to him.

He said that once I go with semi-custom 1911's, I'll never go back.
He was right, my previous "expensive" handguns were a TRP and EMP

my 1st high end (not really a semi) purchase since talking to bac1023 was a 2011, though he doesn't have one.
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Then i was hooked. The next was a Wilson, which was too good of a deal to pass up.
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Content for a while i was still lacking a Commander size. Got to fondle a KC, and ended up buying it
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The rarity of the TGO1, qualitty of the Springfield Custom Shop and the deal i got at Bud's made me bring this home.
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I'm already planning on having a 1911 built by Springfield's Custom Shop.

To save Bac from posting all his pics, you can go HERE or HERE

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