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Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
It's all liability. You'll find few manuf. that say it's fine to use handloaded ammo in their guns. The biggest issue w/ the 40 is it's a high pressure round. SOme chambers have less support than others & something simple, like a bullet setback, can jack pressures to 1.5x acceptable levels, huge potential KB. Use med.-med. slow powders, make sure you have good bullet/neck tension & stay off max. loads & you'll be fine for any handgun in any caliber. Many of the KBs reported are guys using fast-uberfast powders & heavy bullets to make major. No room for any error there.

Thanks guys very much for the quick replies! Based on your responses, three quick follow-up questions:

1) fredj338 noted that the 40S&W is a high-pressure round. But looking at load data, the .40 pressures appear to be generally in the same ballpark as many 9mm loads -- low 30,000 psi range. So why is this pressure more of a problem in the 40 than the 9? Is it because the 40 brass has more surface area on which that pressure can act (due to slightly larger case size)?

2) You also recommended using med to med/slow powders when reloading .40. Is TiteGroup acceptable? According to Hodgdon's website, TiteGroup is the 10th fastest of 117 powders listed. ([URL][/URL])

3) Would it ever be advisable to use less powder than the recommended starting load in order to further avoid possible overpressuring? Or could that also be dangerous as the under-pressure condition could result in incomplete powder burn, etc.?
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