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Originally Posted by WiskyT View Post
Lee lists a 145 and two 175 molds these days. Lyman lists a 150 and a 175. I've had one Lee 158 mold that cast at 160, and a Lyman 150 mold that casts at 155 with the range scrap I use. I'm thinking that it might be cheaper and easier to get the Lyman two cavity and have a machinists mill it down so the bevel base is gone, maybe a bit more, and have it throw at 165 or so with "cheap" alloy that works well otherwise.

First step will be to get one of the 175 molds, I'm leaning towards Lyman now, and see how it does as is. Then I can hunt down a guy to mill it and see what that costs. It should be cheap, but everyone I come across down here thinks Yankees are all rich and try to gouge me on simple stuff. FWIW, when I say "mill" maybe I mean grind. I'm not a machinist, but I have walked through shops that were trueing up the face of cylinder heads with a grinder.


Magma Engineering lists four mould designs that you might want to take a look at... two flat base designs and two bevel base designs. None of them are 165 grain but a couple are close;

Flat base:
160 grain Mould number, 10-160 SWC FB

170 grain Mould number, 10-170 FP FB

Bevel base:
155 grain 10-155 SWC BB

170 grain 10-170 SWC BB

Don't know if you'll have trouble feeding a SWC or not.

If you're not familiar with Magma Engineering they are located in Arizona and are the new manufactures of the Star sizer.

Telephone number: 480-987-9008

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