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Date set for Mas Ayoobs training class in S/AZ

Massad Ayoob will personally teach a 40-hour class on the judicious use of lethal force in defense of self and others. It will include approximately 500 rounds live-fire. The program will encompass tactics, psychology, taking suspects at gunpoint, and much more. The program will include real-world advice on interacting with witnesses, responding officers, and investigating officers, and preparing for the aftermath of a "firearms incident."

Students will require 500 rounds, serviceable handgun and holster, at least three magazines or speedloaders with belt carriers, ear and eye protection, brimmed headgear, and note-taking materials.

The date will be May 17-20th 2010 which coincide with the Southwest Writers Conference that will be held in Wilcox the week before..

It will be held at either the new Sierra Vista range or a Tucson range as it requires precise facilities which are being examined now.

The cost is $800.00

Information will be at Trailboss Outfitters, Thunder Mountain Custom Rifles, Chosin Guns, and the Ft. Huachuca Sportsman's Center in Sierra Vista.
2nd Amendment Guns in Bisbee.
Tucson Guns and Western Artifacts and Diamondback Police Supply in Tucson.

Or contact Dan Southard, Gator Farm Tactical Applications, LLC at 520 458 7474.
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