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For anyone in the area who has "always wanted" to learn from Massad Ayoob in person, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE. I dropped nearly $1200 on LFI-1 in April, counting tuition and travel costs to Phoenix - and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. (Well, maybe not to repeat LFI-1, but DEFINITELY for LFI-2 or LFI-3.) Now's your chance to save about $400 in room/board/gas, folks!

The legal education and information you will receive is absolutely second to none. The training in the StressFire shooting techniques will give you the shooting skills and self-confidence you need to master your handgun and prevail against your attacker on the street. Documenting your training through your class notes will give you the tools to, ideally, avoid a post-shooting indictment, or if necessary, to prevail against a malicious prosecution or an unmeritorious lawsuit.

Consider this, if you will: LFI-1 is a 40-hour class, taught as either five 8-hour days or four 10-hour days. If it were taught in a collegiate format, the time spent and the material covered would actually equate to a 3-credit university/college class, covering 3 credit-hours per week for a 13-week semester. $800 for a 3-credit college-level class ON GUNS, taught by probably the foremost "expert witness" in the entire world - and which, if studied, internalized, practiced and documented, can potentially save your life, your family, your psyche and your good name - is this not worth attending?

Mark your calendars NOW. Plan your vacation time NOW. Start saving your money NOW. Brown-bag your lunches, give up the Starbuck's and Dunkin' Donuts, and start putting that money into your piggy bank for next May. Take a hard look at the junk cluttering up your place, and hold a yard sale. Pull one or two of those "safe queen" guns out, shoot 'em one last time if you have the ammo, clean 'em up good, and take 'em to the gun show, consign 'em at a local shop, or post 'em in the For Sale forum or on GunBroker.

Do this NOW. If you decide to "wait for the next time," you might just find out that there ISN'T a next time. Not wishing to jinx Mas, but we've already lost Jeff Cooper, Jack Weaver, Jim Cirillo, Rex Applegate, Chuck Karwan, etc...Thunder Ranch moved out of Texas...Front Sight is in receivership...take advantage of the opportunity to receive higher-level training, while Mas is still teaching AND while he's willing to come HERE - if too few people sign up too late for this class, do you really think Mas will be willing to come out here in the first place, or to make a return engagement later?
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