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trigger slap and sights

went out today to test out the storm lake barrel very nice no issues.

I am battling with the dreaded trigger slap. Most of my rounds at 7 o'clock nice tight group. I never had that in 20 some odd years of shooting my 1911. It sure is hard to look at the target but i am committed to this glock 10mm.
I am thinking that the slim grip would help as it would allow me to have more of my finger pad on the face of the trigger. Next week i will sift my grip to allow that but i don't like the back strap being off center i the web of my hand.

I have been used to the 6 o'clock hold and Novak low mount sights black front and back. i have tried to switch the front of the g 20 to a more traditional sight but just isn't fitting the bill.

I would like to switch to some thing like the truglo tfo front as the light tube would help these old eyes pick up the front sight better. Still would like to find something to give me a reliable 6 o'clock hold.

In the mean time i think I am going to go back tothe glock stock and see how i do.

I would rather spend money on ammo than a ton of different sights so any input would be appreciated.

thanks in advance.
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