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Tell your friend to find a new dealer next time.

The law says that if the dealer has not heard from them it can be released after 7 days. The 7 days is a limitation on the MSP to get the background check done. If they do not find anything or they screw around and do not disapprove him, the dealer should release the gun. Too many dealers act like they cannot do it without the proper Not Disapproved form, it's BS. I had a dealer do that to me a few years back and I waited like 14 days because the MSP "was behind". Not my problem. My new dealer gives it to me when allowed by law, that's all the MSP can ask for? If the dealer would just call the MSP, they would give him a number or something to write on the form and he could complete the transaction. I honestly think they don't give a crap at the MSP how long you wait so they don't worry about it until someone calls. That or they don't even do a check sometimes and just hurry up and stamp it and give the dealer the authorization number on the phone.

There are too many dealers willing to follow the letter of the law to give money to one that waits more than 7 days. We already have to jump through hoops in MD, no sense in giving them more days than necessary. The liberals just love to see us wait longer, don't give them the satisfaction.
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