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Originally Posted by beforeobamabans View Post
Your response begs the question, why with all the good JHP on the market(unless of course your state forces you to).

Well the only answer i got for ya is this. 230gr ball has worked very well through WW1, WW2, Korea, Nam, and even during the days of all the "gangster wars" here in the states. Next, I use it because it does not clog with clothes and bone or anything, and it penetrates like crazy after busting bones and it still gets where it needs to go, namely, the vitals.

Next, I use it because 'normally' people have up their hands, arms, or are at a strange angle when being shot, and the 230gr ball will go through an arm (lets say), and still have plenty of punch left to get to the body, and a 'better chance' again, to reach the vitals. Next, because it has a round nose that truly plows through and does bust bone, and is not slowed down by rapid expansion, or a clogged nose and thus still hindering it from getting maximum penetration..

Next, because i have never found a hollow point i trust out of the 45acp (especially shorter barrels), to do what I just explained, except, I do like 230gr GD, and 230gr GS, and 230gr XTP. I would favor the XTP, first then the GS, because it acts more like ball in humans, and does not open up as much. You will also find if you run a test with a hind quarter from a steer, and cover it with some guts, assorted organs, and tape some leather jacket on it, and get back a few steps and shoot with your favorite hollow point, and then with a 230gr FMJ (I use the CCI Brass brand, good old WWB will work), you will find your HP clogged to heck, and therfore lost penetration, You will find the ball went through and kicked butt and busted bones went through all the media, and did some nasty damage.

Next, short tubes like the G30 and Colt Defender etc. barely have 2" on barrel to actually travel through, and there is just not enough there for a HP to really do what we takled about above, and get to the vitals, much less have the 'classic mushroom jello block look" to it. That is not real world. The 5" does ad a little flavor, but not that much either in this caliber we are talking about.

Now begining to close here: This generally where I start losing folks if they have stuck it out this far..... But, I do not use ball in 9mm, 40 s&w, or 10mm
for the obvious reason that they are not heavy/big/slow, as compared to the 45acp. The latter(45acp) is what I carry 98/99% of the time. if not I'd say 1% 10mm, 200gr XTP, 1% 357mag revolver 124gr JHP.

It is fun to shoot water jugs, and wet packs, and all kinds of propane tanks, and all that stuff that we ALL like to do, and it gives us at least some small idea of things, but it is a small idea. Things do not work the same way, where you have clothes, strange angles, an arm up in the way, flesh, muscle, grissle, bone, solid and hollow organs to go through, and get to some vital spot like the heart, or CNS etc.

Next. Not to be smart. I use them cause I am a 58 year old dude set in my ways, and that 230gr ball is what i like, and 'know' it works for me.

There ya go. Thats it.

EDIT NOTE***** I forgot to add in my list above for the 45acp I do like the 230gr XTP as well. It too, plows through real well...

Good shooting !

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