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Not that "bumping" these rules will actually move them, but I would like to give them a bump anyway (and share my own craziness).


Lately I am noticing more and more people that come to CT and start the unquantifiable threads that include any mention of things like:

Oath Creepers
"Will you obey they constitution as I have interpreted it from my trailer?"
"Do you hate freedom?"
"Guess what I 'learned' on World News Daily?"
"They took our guns!" (to be read in appropriate South Park voice)

Most cops spend their working life around people who are cop-haters, paranoid, mentally ill or ignorant, and I am sure they would like to avoid doing the same here.

So, my message to everyone who feels the need to get on a soap box about their issues with LE, personal views of other people's oaths or their paranoid fears about gun grabs is: I think it would make CT a better place if we did not hear about these topics again.

I like to think of CT as a big group of cops and their friends hanging out at a Starbucks (or Dunkin Donuts, if you prefer). If you walk up to that group with an honest question, you'll get a (mostly) helpful and polite answer. If, on the other hand, you approach with an agenda and an attitude, you're gonna get an angry response and ruin the atmosphere for everyone. CT can be a great resource for everyone here.

To put it in other words, please stop pooping in the sandbox.

One last thing. Glocktalk has a SEARCH function for a reason. Use it.


OK, I am off my soapbox.

Thank you Eric for giving us this place to hangout.

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