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My review of my new Lee 1000

I got a new Lee 1000 progressive press the other day. I read a lot of review on line before I bought it. Half were positive, half were negetive. My decision to buy it was based on price. It cost me less than 200 bucks with .45 ACP dies included. I am also planning on using this press only for .45, so once I get it set it will never change. I shoot more .45 than anything, and for under 200 bucks, I felt it was worth it to keep it set up permanently.

The instructions were pretty helpful in assembling the press and adjusting it. I got everything adjusted, and I loaded up the case feeder. The first 4 rounds went perfectly. After that, all hell broke loose. The case feeder malfunctioned, and once that happened it seemed to wreck everything. The indexing got screwed up, powder spilled into the primer feeder causing a jam. I got it all clened up, and adjusted. I fine tuned everything and started again. This happened a few times, until I got it adjusted perfectly. Now it seems to be working great. I would not dare try to change calibers or move anything. It seems that it is very tempermental until you get everything adjusted exactly right. Now that it is adjusted, I loaded 300 rounds very quickly.

In short, I think it is a good cheap option for a single caliber set up. If you only want one press, and want a press that can easily be set up for various calibers, this may not be the one for you. It is also only good if you have a great deal of patience, mechanical know how, and the determination to keep working at it for a while to get it right.

My next progressive press will be for multiple calibers. It will be a Dillon.
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