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What Everyone Should KNOW about DryFiring Their Pistol >>

OK, First of all I'm either man enough or stupid enough to share my ignorance with glocktalk public.

650 rounds later I'm still not at 100% with DA (glock)triggers, so I've posted in the past. EVERYONE recommends DRYFIRE, DRYFIRE etc.... So I buy a couple snap caps, but man what a pain to do, so I've never done it, UNTIL NOW..

Some of you noobies and old-timers may already know you DO NOT have to eject your snap cap AT ALL...

That's right I'm an idiot and never thought to even try to (reset) the striker without ejecting round (as I've never had to practice dryfire in my life), simply have a snap cap in and fire, then move slide back approximately 1/4" and you're ready again..

I'm sure EVERYONE KNOWS this, just thought I'd share for the possibility SOMEONE may not...
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