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well things are finally looking up. I am finally beginning to train my brain to the POA sight alignment and my shot groups are improving. I can't believe how my old 6 o'clock hold was ingrained in my muscle memory. I also used to have Novak low mount adjustable target style sights on my 1911 with little light between the front and rear sight so it was super easy and quick for me to fill the black and shoot accurately. I have not only had to learn how to trust my front sight even more but space it appropriately in the rear sight.

I have been using the AA 22lr kit to get this down and save money. today 21 feet 6 mags no more red in the target. way too much fun relearning sight alignment.

I have also got into defensive shooting mind set which has allowed me to relax and get the accuracy i wanted.

The new understanding of my sights has given me the comfort to start working on grip and trigger control that low 7 o'clock issue hasn't reared its ugly head.

I think next week to see if that milking stays away with significant recoil.

Now i just need to pick up a 40 conversion barrel and some of those truglo TFO's to see the front sight better.

I know others have had some issues with the front light tube but there are decent fixes for them and my old eyes need that extra edge.

whew!!! And my girlfriend says i don't share
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