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Originally Posted by faawrenchbndr View Post
Muscle memory,..... you are training your mind, grip, stance and trigger finger.
It's a lot cheaper than bullets.
"Muscles" don't have "memory". What I assume you mean is, you are allowing those neural pathways in your brain to become familiar with the task so that it can become a subconscious action (like walking, breathing, etc).

Originally Posted by JBaird22 View Post
As far as needing to use snap caps to prevent damage in a Glock, they are not needed. The design of the gun and parts doesn't make the weapon susceptible to damage from dry firing. I think the OP was talking about using them in place of live ammo or an empty chamber.

I treat dry fire practice like malfunction drill practice in that I pulled the trigger, gun went click, I tap, rack reassess.

Dry firing is necessary in all firearms to building trigger finger strength, muscle memory and develop proper trigger control.

There is a GTer here (JAMROCK), who if memory serves me proper, damaged his Glock from dry firing. Not saying this is the case, just saying that's what HE said.

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