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The Cop Shop in Baltimore is great. I just bought my first Glock there a couple days ago. Sammy (Sam Jr.) was great to deal with and made the process very easy. I used my GSSF discount to purchase my G17 and cannot complain about the great price. Thanks go out to both The Cop Shop & GSSF.

Also, Even if I didnt have the GSSF discount I still would have purchased from there, even though its 40 mins away from me. They still had better prices without any discounts then any of my local shops. My local shops charge between $585-$599. The Cop Shops regular price for standard Glocks is around $550. I got my G17 for $398 + Tax since I used my GSSF discount. I also got the mandatory MD bore lock for $21.99. The only thing that sucks is that I have to wait another year to get that great deal again.
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