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Originally Posted by Timmah! View Post
Over time, I have this amassed a collection of basic info that some new folks may find useful.

The Great Guiderod/Spring debate;
  • Your stock guiderod will NOT melt. It is used in the G18 (full auto), it is effectively cooled every time the slide cycles. If it will hold up to the G18, you're OK. Information to the contrary cannot be verified; it's always "I heard...", "I know a guy...", "My RO says...." Unless you're testing the very limits of performance or some similar torture testing, you'll be OK with stock.
Have fun, be safe.


In the "Complete Glock Reference Guide" by PTOOMA they do a torture test on a G17 I think and they run 1000 rounds through it in like 17 minutes. Towards the end of the test the guide rod melted and the rod shot out of the hole 15 ft down range. That being said most people aren't going to fire that many rounds to heat up their barrels to melt the thing. Just backing up what you said.

Great info and thanks.
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