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Basic courses

So I have purchased my first pistol a little over a week ago, and while I am completely fired up to learn to use it as safely and effectively as possible, I am in no way qualified for this shoot and my wife would definately not be going for me travelling across the country for my new "hobby".
That being said, I am very interested in the Suarez basic courses and there is one being hosted not far from my father in laws vacation home (class is in Bellvue, cottage in Coldwater, I am suburban Detroit). My question is aimed at those of you that have taken classes by Suarez before, how quickly do the basic classes fill up? How far in advance should I register? And are the classes definately worthit? I know that there are tons of pistol defense courses out there and its hard to differentiate good from bad, especially for me in my infinite noobiness.... Thanks in advance!

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