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Originally Posted by JETHRO38 View Post
I was looking around on BERSATALK and I came across a thread that was talking about how GLOCK'S suck!!!!
So I registered on site and gave my opinion and they kicked me off the site!!!!
Then I relized that the thread was created by one of the Moderators.
So I guess on that site if you disagree with one of the Moderators you get kicked off!!!!

I own a BERSA and I am asking everyone who reads this to please not get on site!!!!

They were talking all kinds of crap about GLOCK!!!
LOL Jethrow, Gaston Glock is a member of Bersa Talk If you think I am pulling your finger log on and do a member search.

You got the boot due to attitude, just like you are showing here on Glock Talk.
WOW! No Signature!:rofl:

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