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Originally Posted by gatorboy View Post
Is it like the mini Glock recoil assembly's? If so the muzzle's must have had the recoil rod holes enlarged also or can you use the new recoil assembly's in the older generation Glocks?
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2) The 4th generation pistols will have a double spring recoil assembly, as described by eringobragh, it is a longer version of the G26/G27 spring.

It will not be designed to retrofit the older generations of pistols. The ring in the front of the slide is a larger diameter to accommodate the new assembly.

I've actually been asking for this for years. The double spring system works amazingly well and in actually shooting the 4th Gen G22 they had on hand, I can tell you that is sucks up a lot of the "bite" of the .40S&W transferred to the shooter via the grip. It felt kinda like shooting "+P" in a G17, maybe a little snapper, but not much.
Originally Posted by gatorboy View Post
One more question: Did the 4th gen 22 have the half moon cut in the front of the grip or is it gone like on the FS RTF's? Thanks for all the info.
No. The pad is flat and slightly wider/longer.
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