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GT Braintrust: Help me build a rifle. I'm a noob.

I am just getting into rifles, and figured the best way to learn about an AR is to build one myself. I know that I can buy an upper in any configuration that I can dream of, most likely for cheaper, but I want to do it this way. I do already have an AR pistol that I bought fully assembled and ready to rock. All I did was pull off the BUIS and put on a red dot optic.
I want to make a 16'', relatively light weight (I think) rifle that is fun to move and shoot. I'm not a target shooter by any means, so I'm sure any rifle will be better than I am. The 16'' is really what I'm most set on. I may end up with a not so light rifle in the end compared to others, but I'm ok with that.
What I need help with, is what parts I need, what I'm missing, and where to get said parts I don't have.

I just bought a lower (with lpk installed) and an assembled YHM A3 upper reciever.
Now I need to actually figure out what I'm going to do with it, and turn it into a rifle.
This This link doesn't work anymore. I think it may have sold out.
Here is the stripped version:
and the lower from

I don't have a buffer tube or anything of that sort yet. I don't have a stock picket out. I believe I can get a kit for all of this. I'm thinking of the VLTOR ( or BCM ( though I am open to options as well.

I don't have a barrel picked out, but I do know I want a 5.56 chambering.
What do I need to look at in regards to midlength vs. carbine length vs. rifle length gas ports?
I think I need something like this:

I need a BCG and charging handle of some sort.

I want to have a rail system, but know what yet. I have seen the YHM and DD rails systems, and they both look good. I do not want the standard front sight gas block as I already have iron sights that go on a rail. What type of gas block and gas tube do I need. Do I need the rail to be 12'' or so, or can the sight be more toward the rear? Does this matter for anything other than sight radius? Would I be looking at either of these? or or
This is where I have the most confusion on the build. Do these come with the pins or screws needed for instal?

Do I need a muzzle break or comp? I was looking at:
Noveske KX3
Phantom 4 port

Am I missing any other parts?

I have already read the tutorials for building your own AR on arfcom, but I want to check with people on a site that I am a member of.

Thanks, and sorry for all the links.

Heres the pistol I already have. It does 2'' groups at 100 yards with a 7.5'' barrel.
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