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i have been hunting around for sights and my deciding factor was the sale price. I picked up a couple of sets of truglo TFO's for the AA conversion and my 20. easy install on the 20 a little work on the AA conversion (tighter tolerance).

i have been doing tons of work with the AA conversion kit in the mean time working on the milking and possible trigger slap.

I found that the truglo's gave me my old sight picture back. They seem to have the same visual outline as my old novak's and my eyes didn't seem to strain. I was able to relax and get my shots off. super tight group with the 22 and the 20 hit the bullseye 8 yards 2 flyers little high and to left but still in the black, 16 rounds.

I think the front sight picture doesn't obstruct the target as much as the stock sights. What ever the reason It definitely was a good day.

the only down side is that it was a little over cast and i was under a covered area so the sights didn't do much in the way of glowing. the lighting was such that it didn't cause the tubes to show up and not dark enough to allow tritium to show up.

I think that they may need a few small holes drilled in the sides of the front sight to compensate for this in between condition.

Other than that "Huston we have lift off!!!!!" I am a happy puppy.

Now to find a 40 conversion barrel. I have one on back order from Dillon for 108.00 delivered but would like find a deal on a storm lake or LWD.
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