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Well I took the 340 to the range again today...

Shot 50 standard .38 specials, 50 .38 +P, and 50 fairly warm .357s out of her. Brought her home to clean up. All came fairly clean except up near where the steel plate is located up by the forcing cone and of course, the front of the cylinder. Any of you have good luck gettin the DLC coating cleaned up in those locations or is it just something one has to live with.

I just lived with it on the PD I had before, and never had a problem with it on my stainless models. Just wondered if that finish tended to hold fast to the carbon/scorch marks more.

All I've used on it so far is, remington 40-x bore cleaner in the barrel, hoppe's no. 9 followed next along with the hoppe's and a nylon brush on carbon/scorched surfaces. And Rem oil as a pass through for the barrel.

Finished off by wipin down the whole gun with a rag sprayed lightly with break free clp.

She looks good and clean except for thos two areas, heh. Guess Ive gotten used to my glocks, which wipe up with ease.

What do you guys use?
S&W 340 M&P
Glock 7(still searching)
Glock Carbine(holding breath)
Glock 18(still in my dreams)
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