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Then on 12-15-09 I took out my Colt 6920. I used reloads loaded with BLC2 powder, Military primers and military 62 grain bullets (SS109) . A while back I got these bullets at a great price on line. This is not military ammo but it will have to do. The specs are close as I could get as a reloader. The results for this test was the Colt averaged 1.41Black Rifle Forum
Black Rifle Forum

Here are a few range pics
Black Rifle Forum

Black Rifle Forum

Earlier in the month I fired a variety of weapons in a simple CQB drill. (Start from low ready and fire 2 rounds at 3 USPSA targets spaced 3 yards apart and 7 yards from me.
Here are the results from the Saiga vs. the Colt.

Gun Saiga AK47 Red dot (Aimpoint ML2)

1. 2.91
2. 3.28
3. 2.71
4. 2.71
5. 2.67

Average time 2.86


T1 9A 1C
T2 10A
T3 9A 1C

Total hits: 28 A 2C

Colt 6920 Aimpoint (Flash hider no comp)


1. 2.87
2. 3.08
3. 2.79
4. 2.75
5. 2.87
Average 2.87


T1 8A 2C
T2 9A 1C
T3 8A 2C

Total hits 25A 5C


The AR had a slight accuracy advantage from the bench at 50 yards with similar optic set ups. On the speed drill both rifles were pretty much dead even with .01 of a second going to the Colt. These guns are a fair comparison in my opinion because both represent some of the best in their breed. (Russian AK vs. Colt AR) and both have similar upgrades in optics and triggers. The AK has a 2 stage trigger that is one of the better ones I have used.

I still need to do a long range shooting exercise. But at close range of 50 yards or less I feel that these weapons are about equal. I never gave the AK full credit before but if you set one up with a good optic and put an extended safety on it its not too bad. I also need to do some tests including reloads and other gun manipulations. The AR has the edge at long range and at speed of reloading but I want to document it. This report is not meant to be a slam on either gun. I like both systems a lot.

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