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Originally Posted by javelinadave View Post
An AK is good for 100 to 200 yards at best.
An AR is good to 800 yards +/-.
That is with iron sights, optics may push that out a bit but I'll take an AR any day in a gun fight.
I like the AR as well. But 800 yards plus is something that needs good optics or a very skilled shooter with Irons. I frankly can't see well enough to hit a man sized target at 800 yards. I need to do more testing. But I believe the AR is a good gun to 400 or 500 with optics and good ammo (75 grain TAP) I believe (hypothises) that the AK with good ammo and optics is probably good to 300 yards. Again I will have to test these theories. Both do what assault rifles were intended to do. That is fight inside of 300 yards.

The Stock Ak vs the stock AR is a different story. The sights on the AK limit it quite a bit. I also hate the stock safety.
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