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Originally Posted by Deaf Smith View Post
Ever consider this guy used the Israeli method of carrying his gun chamber empty and the idiot found out sometimes you can short stroke it? Like when scared?

And where was his backup gun?

And as I suspected, it was in India. Agra is a region there.

Yep, I bet he carried it chamber empty.

And you know the arguments here we have had over chamber empty carry, right?


# 1/ Only calibre available by law... .32. Round nose lead cartridges!

#2/ The total lack of training, and no extra rounds. Lost cause.

My Diamond store experience in Orlando FL. Mossberg pump, 6 rounds Low Vel; slugs, Glock 19, 16 rounds of 127g WW Ranger. Plus a G17 magazine, just in case a (up to now not one ever) malfunction.

Man trap double door entry, metal detector built in, I let you in! Push button remote.

Nice A/C, vest was comfy!
Keep Safe.
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