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I enjoyed reading your test results. I am new to the world of black soulless rifles and went through a length decision making process to decide AR or AK. AK or AR??? I finally settled on the AR and I too bought the Colt LE 6920. I will be getting the AK next year. I admire the effort you seemingly made to keep this test objective and "fair" I recently saw Gunny Lee Ermy do a comparrison between the AK and M16 but it was focussed on caliber performance. Of course the AK left the M16 in the dust on that one.

If you do any further testing please post up the results. A lot of us noobs like to read and learn.

I'm kind of a purist on this gun. I prefer to leave it bone stock if possible but at my age I may need to put some optics on it of some kind if I want to shoot beyond 50 yds, Which I most certainly do. I can consistently produce the ONE-RAGGED-HOLE at 25 yards through the iron sights and I'm sneakin' up on being there at 50yds. I'm going tomorrow and I expect to have it tightened up to that same ability at 50yds by the time I leave there. But The old eyes aint what they were 43 years ago when I last fired a military rifle.
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