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The Details are in the Bag:

Sneaky Bags

I'm a big fan of the "Go Bag" idea. The premise is simple: have a shoulder bag of ammo and a few other important items next to your gun and ready to go. It's not a new idea, either. Take a look back into history to the days of the musket. "Possibles bags" were a necessity. Usually the gun and bag were stored together as a unit, so when a person grabbed one, the other was there. This is the approach I take with my shotgun, on and off duty. Bag and gun are stored together. Rather than weigh my gun down and trash it's handling capabilities for just a few shells, I've got a much larger quantity of ammo there with the gun, and a couple other dangerous goodies, too.

I first found out about the Sneaky Bags Mini Sneaky Bag through Gabe Suarez's "Shotgun Gunfighting" DVD. Clicky. I thought about it, really liked the idea, so I ordered a bag for myself.

This bag is a very handy size to live up to it's name of being sneaky. It looks like a small camera bag or a tool bag. I chose the grey bag with black trim specifically to avoid the ninja/operator "tacticool" colors of solid black, coyote, foliage, or olive green. Note the removable padded shoulder strap. Not pictured is the leg strap on the rear bottom, and the document pouch on the back. There's also a handy grab handle on the top at the junction of the flap and back (you can kind of see it in this pic).
Tactical Shotguns

Here's a view from the top. I didn't do a great job of getting all of the main compartment in the pic, but I assure you it's there and has a few rounds of 00 Buckshot inside at the bottom, as well as the slugs in their loops (they're visible). The front compartment has a flap to cover it, but I left it open and tucked into the center compartment. I wanted access to my G22 mags and might just get an American Flag or morale patch for the exposed velcro there.
Tactical Shotguns

Here's a view of the side. The bag has loops (molle, pals, whatever) for mounting goodies on both sides, so I added my Benchmade Nimravus to the side that would face rear when I wear the bag (the bag's left). I like having a fixed blade knife, and this is a good way to keep one handy. This particular knife was a very nice gift from my good friend Jeff.
Tactical Shotguns

Here's a view of the bag's right side. I put a Surefire G2 here. A flashlight is another handy item to have around. This particular one was free and just lying around collecting dust. It fits perfectly through the loops...enough tension to get it out without a struggle, but enough to hold it in place through some fairly vigorous activity.
Tactical Shotguns

Here's a pic of the contents of the bag. There are three extra Glock 22 mags that fit perfectly in the bag's front-most compartment. The Cav Arms Personal Trauma Kit was ordered with the bag from One Source Tactical. This or a similar kit is a MUST in any Go Bag. There's also a couple extra batteries for the G2.
Tactical Shotguns

I LOVE this bag overall. I regret not buying one sooner. It's really an overall great purchase that I find myself liking more each time I practice with it. I'm very eager to get out to a tactical shotgun match in the spring with my Sneaky Bag. While I won't likely finish with the guys who use game gear, I have no doubt I'll turn a few heads with my bag. That said, I do have a couple of small criticisms of the bag (and both of them are really just me being me more than a problem with the bag itself).

-Cost!! This bag was $107 and the shotgun shell loops were another $25. (The bag comes with a pouch to hold a couple rifle magazines so the decision to make this into a shotgun bag was 100% at my expense.) Had my wife not agreed to this project before our baby was born, and had I not had a large chunk of income from a gun sale, she'd have beat me to death with it when she saw the invoice. I recognize that buying American is sometimes expensive. In fact, being American-made was a huge factor in buying this bag. I do honestly feel that cost could prevent some from having a Sneaky Bag. That said, this bag oozes quality. The stitching is perfect, and you can feel the durability when you pick the bag up for the first time. This bag is HEAVY DUTY! I'll have no qualms about taking this bag into an unhappy social occasion, either personal or on duty.

-The main compartment could be a LITTLE bigger. This means exactly what it says. If the main compartment were even a quarter inch roomier, it'd make getting stuff (read buckshot) out of the bottom that much easier when the middle compartment is filled with a PTK and a couple spare batteries.


Update: This posting has turned into a work in progress, the most up to date version can be found at Thanks, bc
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