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Okay, the 1000 works. It needs tinkering. So does my fathers 650 and freakshow's 1050. That's not what matters. What matters is who does the tinkering, are they a good tinker? For instance, the poster had an issue with his cases feeding, so he drilled an extra hole in the feed shoe. That was a wrong turn. His z bar is off, his shell plate is out of time, his sheel plate is dirty, something, anything, but not the hole in the feed shoe. So he will now proceed to "fix" the rest of the press to fit the altered shoe. His entire press will be exactly the distance, center to center, of the two holes, OFF everywhere else.

My 1000 is over 20 years old. Parts have worn out, curses on the Lee family have been uttered, but it still runs great and makes ammo all day long.

Here are a couple of hints. The primer feed tray can only be so clean and so full. Yes it needs to be clean and full, but scrubbing it every ten minutes and topping off the feed tray is stupid. If it is clean and full and it doesn't work, LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE. I clean my 1000 about once a year. Crud builds under the shell plate and slows down the indexing. this causes primer feed problems. FOLLOW the DIRECTIONS for adjusting the indexing. Any deviation and you will be cleaning your primer feed chute for now reason and still not getting good primer feeding.

Another cause of primer jams is OPERATOR ERROR. All the cleaning in the world will not make up for a ham-fisted operator. UP and DOWN. Just like that. Even speed thoughout the stroke.
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