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Originally Posted by Magnum 357 View Post
This is a REAL EXAMPLE why people should carry a REVOLVER for SELF don't have to worry about recking the slide or having a JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No Magnum, it's a REAL EXAMPLE of why your weapons should be ready for immediate action without undue manipulation. And chamber empty on a drop safe handgun is an unneeded manipulation.

Some who carry modern drop-safe revolvers do so with the chamber under the hammer empty, and thus giving up 1/6th or more of their ammo supply for no real reason!

Sadly there are people who will think the safety of a weapon is tied to the state the weapon is kept in instead of the mental state of the user. And that is the real problem.

“We can evade reality, but we cannot evade the consequences of evading reality” Ayn Rand
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