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Originally Posted by fkenyon View Post
I see the problem with the shellplate rotating halfway only once every roughly 100 pulls of the handle. If there's a damaged part in there, wouldn't it cause more consistent problems than this?

I can do this with mine on purpose,and don't think this is either a defect or a problem. In fact, it is very handy.
Yes, but I'm getting that occasionally with a full stroke. In other words, it's not indexing halfway as a result of any purposeful or accidental action I'm taking.

The indexing screw is on a worm gear. You can turn it all you want. Just follow Lees directions. YOU READ THOSE, RIGHT?
Of course.

What they don't make clear is whether or not it is safe to turn the screw the opposite direction (counterclockwise). <strike>But if it's on a worm gear, there should be no problem with turning it in either direction.</strike> ETA: As it turns out, Lee's FAQ makes it clear that it should be turned clockwise only, and that if you need to go past the current detent you can.

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