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I have a Lee 1000, Dillon SDB, XL650, 1050 & a 550 all on my bench at the same time.
That said, I have the Lee dedicated to 9mm ammo.
I LIKE the idea of reducing the hole size on the case collomater & will do that.
Now for my tip...
Keep the priming system clean, BUT....lube it with powdered graphite, I use a lock type applicator & give the tray a "puff" of graphite every 2 boxes of primers (200 rds.)
The system runs more smoothly, graphite won't hurt the powder if it gets in thru the flash hole, the primers seat a bit easier & the graphite will burnish into the plastic ramp of the feed system, making the primers slide easier as time goes on.
Mine will run reliabily down to 8-10 primers ! But the best bet is to refill the tray as soon as the primers are down in the ramp by 1 or 2, it's just the way the system works.
It's no Dillon, but I've loaded well over 20K rounds of 9mm on mine, & it still works fine.
A few mods along the way, but nothing major except removing the "lamp chain" & replacing it with a governor return spring from a 5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine !
More positive on the powder measure return.

uncle albert
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