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Originally Posted by mavmech13 View Post
Thanks for the response. The price range is about as high as I can go but if you can think of something lower that's definitely ok with me :D
Sure, and glad I could help. If you can do without the first three things on my have to have list, don't hesitate, get yourself a Springfield Mil Spec. IMHO they are the best 1911 value going, if, and that's a big if, you can live without the other bells and whistles that the Kimber offers, even on their bottom end models. The reason I think the Kimber is a better value, is because if you have a gunsmith fit the beaver tail, hammer, trigger onto a Mil Spec, you will have about equal money of a Kimber, and additionally, the Kimber comes with a match grade barrel and bushing. That would add about another 200 dollars to have fit to the M.S.
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