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Thanks all.

I have decided to hold off on installing optics on my Mark II. I did install a Volquartsen sear and while reassembly was a PITA (mostly because I couldn't remember how all the little bits went back together and the illustration in the manual was useless). The Volquartsen sear was definitely worth installing. Before the upgrade, my Mark II trigger was identical to my son's Mark I. Afterward the trigger pull is noticable smoother and more consistent than the Mark I. The Mark I's trigger is not bad either, it is just not as good as the Mark II with the Volquartsen sear.

Haven't been able to get out to the range since the sear upgrade and I can't wait to see what it does to my group size. I have two toys to wring out, my upgraded Mark II and my new to me Model 29-4 44 mag. Now there is a study in contrasts.

Pop, Pop, Pop

BaWhooom!, BaWhooom!

Should be lots of fun.
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